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The Bikes

The Ibis Mojo HD is my mountain bike of choice for whatever the B.C. wilds present. With six and a bit inches of travel front and rear it really soaks up bumps, and mistakes! My first suspension bike and I couldn't be happier. With the carbon frame I'm hoping to use this bike for racing as well as all-mountain excursions. Hopefully the DW link rear suspension keeps it from feeling like a pogo stick while hammering the pedals.

Most of the motorbike shots you'll see (2008 to 2013) are a 2008 BMW R1200R. It's what could be called a 'standard', 'naked', or 'roadster' style bike. It's not designed to drag pegs in the twisties (though it can), nor is it covered in plastic to protect the rider from everything Nature has to offer (though it could with a screen), and might not be a first choice to ride 800km days (though it often does). I loved this bike because it does all these things in a package that, to me, captures the things that are important to riding daily. I sold it fall 2012.

The Photos

I use three cameras for the pictures you see on Daily Rider. Many of the pictures are taken with the small Canon IXY 910 IS (SD 870) point and shoot. The image quality from this little machine is not great, but can sometimes lead to interesting effects. With limited tonal range, the images tend to come out with a black base and contrasting highlights.
The other camera is a Canon EOS 5D mkII. Most of the 5D shots are with the 50mm ƒ1.4 though on occasion i'll pull out the 20mm for something wider. Definitely my favourite camera/lens combination.
The theory is that with the smaller size of the IXY but the bigger sensor similar to the 5D the little GF1 can push out some nice looking pictures. I've just never been totally happy with the images from the GF-1 so I usually grab the 5D if i have a backpack or the trusty 910 IS if the going is light.

The Rider

I'm a 30-something guy based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. I wear a tie to work.

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