October 19, 2008

Aldergrove Loop

Yesterday I took advantage of a break in the rain and went out for an early morning ride. "Early" this time of year means sunrise about 7:40 so it wasn't too bad. I did a familiar route out the #1 and then south to the U.S. border. I pushed past the usual 200th Ave. exit to Hwy 13 and it added some good scenery to 0 ave. Ended with the Richmond dykes before heading back into town. All-in it was 145km in about 2.5hrs.

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Fueling up
I got about 5L/100km on the loop. This after averaging 7.1L/100km during a week of heavy city riding.

BMW R 1200R at rest

Rural fog
Spectacular light in the morning as the sun burned off the mist. The air was pretty cool here (5c) and it was damp so the smells were fantastic and crisp.

My cow friend

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