April 28, 2009

Henry Hudson


I'm not sure who Henry Hudson was, but he has a school named after him across from my apartment. I wish I could let him know they've kept things looking quite lovely.

Update: Mr. Hudson's true origin has been duly corrected in the comments.


indigoid said...

I miss that handlebar bend. :-( It was very comfortable.

What's that in the middle between the bar clamps? Some GPS mount or similar?

LumpyCam said...

Yes, I love those wide comfortable bars. It's like having soft insoles in a pair of good dress shoes.

The mount on the bars is for a Garmin 60CSx GPS. It's a fantastic unit that is even more feature rich than the Zumo, if you can deal with the smaller screen (and a heck of a lot cheaper).

Richard said...

Henry Hudson was an explorer - and we have honoured him with "Hudson Bay" in northern Canada. He perished in northern Canada searching for a northern passage to india. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Hudson

LumpyCam said...

Doh - should have made that connection! I guess better to be a fool and learn the better from it.

I had built up a (fictional) narrative in my head about how Mr. Hudson lived in the coach house in back of this school. It was 1963. He not only fixed the building pipes and mended fences but built a set of hockey goals that are still used by the students today. The students loved him and parents were comforted by his watchful eye over the grounds. His death in 1987 was not unexpected, given his advanced age, but the gravity of the loss shocked the school community. The following year at the school board AGM it was ratified that District Office 645 would thereafter be called Henry Hudson School.

Now who is this Thomas James that founded the bench by my house...