April 1, 2009

Month Six

Month Six

It's April 1, and what a rude April Fool's day prank it was as snow fell this morning while I put on my helmet. Two degrees out on the road. Snow, in April, in Vancouver, are you sure? Of course it didn't last long but that just meant there was a miserable rain for the rest of the day. This'll be our sixth month of 'winter' weather. Yuk.


indigoid said...

We almost never get snow here, but we do get rain sometimes. Yesterday on my way home from Sydney in the rain my K1200GT's traction control activated three times. Two of them were in subsequent gears ;-) accelerating up to speed to merge back onto the superslab after a food stop.

This bike's TC is plenty more aggressive in its nannying than the TC my R1200R had, but it'll still let you spin up the rear tyre a bit.

That's a great photo, by the way.

LumpyCam said...

The manual says that the traction control light will flash for three seconds when it is activated, but i have never seen it flash on my bike. Could it be that i've never activated it? Maybe, but i certainly ride in all types of horrible weather. I must have an instinctively limp throttle grip when the weather turns... maybe it's a Canadian thing so we can survive the frequent snows ;)

Your GT also has about +60hp over the R1200R so that might have something to do with the extra nannying!