April 23, 2009

West wing


Heads up and SM pulls beside me on the Triumph. The dykes are beautiful, if oddly free from tides. The water and sky were both flat.


indigoid said...

A beautiful bike! That's a Scrambler, no?

I still think I'll end up owning a Bonneville. The new SE looks really nice, and the EFI and 17" wheels are really compelling. I read somewhere that the cast wheels as a pair are 8.5kg lighter than the old (18"?) spoked equivalents.

LumpyCam said...

It's an '07 Bonneville. Fantastic bike that i recommend to anyone considering one. It rode up to the Yukon with my R1150R last year and never missed a beat - even on the dirt roads in Alaska.

I'm hearing good things about the SE. Must go Google that now....