July 15, 2009

Full moon

In my two weeks there staying with family while 'in between homes' until we take possession of the new house I really began to enjoy Steveston. Being close to No. 2 Rd. the commute wasn't even bad into downtown. This was a gorgeous night to ride home as the full moon was out with amazing light - the colours wheren't altered in this shot at all. The wind was still too. No werewolves were spotted during my stop.

BMW R1200R with a full moon. Steveston, Richmond, BC, Canada.


Hien t said...

Nice shot, looks like Dyke road?

I'm just down by Garry Point Park.

LumpyCam said...

Close. It's No. 2 rd. between Steveston Hwy and Monteith Rd. Just before Dyke Rd.