September 5, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bike

The R1200R turned 1 year old this week. The odometer cleared 18,000km which i guess is not bad for twelve months. Most of that riding was in the dreary winter months, and 6,000km of it was from the infamous snowy trip to San Francisco in March '09. This summer was just too busy with buying/selling/moving houses to get out for many rides. I really wish i could have done at least two more big road-trips this summer. But, truth be told, fall is my favourite time to ride anyway, and this fall I have the newly discovered and life-changing heated jacket to plug in. Everyone: go buy one now!

I was trying to catch a spectacular sunset, but, as usual, by the time the technology caught up with Nature it was too late. Or, at least that's how i remember it. BMW R1200R outside a Safeway, Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Websterize said...

I've heard good things about the Gerbings jacket liner — and the heated glove liners. But apparently the Gerbings gear draws too much power to plug in to the accessory port on the left side of the R1200R. How are you planning to power your liner? Direct to battery?

LumpyCam said...

Yes, I plug directly in to the battery. The BMW accessory port only carries enough juice for the BMW heated gear, which is suspiciously juuuust a bit lower voltage than anything else. There are also reports of the accessory port being less that reliable with the connection causing some intermittent on/off switching which is less than ideal for the gear.

I've put many thousand miles on the Gerbing and it has happily carried me down to -2C with no problems. What i like best about Gerbing is they size the body and arms separate so you can get a really good fit, and the heated neck is very nice. Get the full-sleeve version. If it's cold enough to wear a heated garment what the heck are you doing in a vest?