November 15, 2009

Group Rides

I finally went on my first group ride. People met at a specific location, at a set time, and rode a defined route together, in formation. The real deal. It was also my first time riding with a Harley crowd, which was very interesting. I never understood what people meant when they say BMW riders are 'technical', but I think i get it now. Speeds, lane position, posture, formation, are all a little more, ahh, finessed with the cruisers. And a big difference is the number of breaks taken. I'm used to putting in at least 150km for a nice ride. We covered 55km in about 4hrs. This included two coffee stops, a meetup, a lookout, and getting dinner. It was great conversation, just not a lot of riding. I'm not against trying it again, but I'm also happy to have the roads to myself this winter.

Group Rides
Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canon 5D + 20mm @ ƒ/2.8

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