January 20, 2010

Imagine the night like a Cubist Christmas tree

One of the best parts about riding at night is the lights. That might sound self evident, but the lights that surround you transform the landscape in interesting ways. As someone who often looks at things with an imaginary camera to the eye, i'm also interesting in the colour of light. Nighttime excels at providing a great diversity of warm amber street lights, cool blue halogens, and flashing red warnings of who-knows-what ahead. Imagine how a Cubist might deconstruct a Christmas tree. That is riding at night.

Canon IXY 910 @ ƒ/2.8
Vancouver, Canada


Chuck Pefley said...

The idea of a cubist de-constructing a Christmas tree is a novel thought. I agree the temperature and color of light is pretty amazing.

LumpyCam said...

I think i just slightly warmed the colour balance, but didn't adjust the colours beyond that.

My favourite of the 'night lights' is Full Moon:

Websterize said...

Dan, a deconstruction of your photo using Photoshop's Noise > Median filter. A little Cubist, a little Edward Hopper, perhaps?


bobskoot said...


I also like the reflections from the slick roadways

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

LumpyCam said...

@Websterize - Hmm, i think i like the street lights on the original better, but the bike's silhouette and dash look really cool in your version. Nice!

You have me thinking - a "Waking Life' treatment would be cool for a lot of these. Really, they are (or should be) abstract anyway. The mind's eye sees true.