January 12, 2010

The mysterious case of the tormented footwear

One good thing about the winter rain is it makes me a little more honest about wearing appropriate riding gear. The Grenson's leather soles become quickly inadequate. If you don't have gore-tex boots running up your legs the rain will stream down them. And so I drop the shoes into my courier bag and head out for the day. Except today. Arriving at work there were no shoes in my bag. "I know I took them" I mutter as I not-so-quietly question myself. But really, what are the chances of loosing both shoes out of my bag? Despite the fact that life is a bit of a batter's cage at the moment (have you noticed the dearth of blog posts?) I give myself the benefit of the doubt and decide that a gremlin somewhere on the road must have stolen them. Inspired by lore of sought and found treasure I take the 45min before my next meeting to retrace my steps to find the shoes. (At this point i suspected my eagerness for the adventure could have more to do with the opportunity to ride during the workday than actually finding any shoes). But I did find them, both of them, together, right where the gremlin left them after realizing he is not a size 10. I'm not fond of relying on 'luck' but this day i sure got some!

Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as I'm now sporting a Kriega US20 which mounts more securely and keeps things way drier than the courier sac ever did. Especially my shoes. If only it was about 10L bigger it would hold my lunch too. Gremlins probably like that even more.

Scene of the shoe crime, Granville St. @ 23rd Ave, Vancouver, BC
Canon IXY 910 @ ƒ/2.8


Stacy said...

I believe the US10 can be attached to the US20. Pick up two of them and you'll have the US40 set.

I got tired of carrying shoes to work every day so I just bought a pair to keep at my desk. More room for lunch in my US20 that way!

Chuck Pefley said...

Stacy has the right idea. Spring for another pair ... unless Gremlins are working with you there as well -:)

Great story. Amazing that you actually found your shoes!!

LumpyCam said...

@Stacy I'm considering getting a US10 to strap to the top to hold shoes and/or lunch.

@Chuck The problem is i have too many pair, and like to rotate them up frequently. But this is a motorcycle blog so i won't start saying any more about a shoe fetish! It was pretty amazing i found them, and both in the same spot. Only one was visible from the road (going in the direction of traffic) so i was lucky.

bobskoot said...


What Chuck said. I keep a couple of pairs at work so as to be able to alternate.

You are lucky not only to find them, but that they were not run over and flattened

bobskoot: wet coast scootin