February 24, 2010

Fields of Baker

Stunning. This was the word rattling around my head as we putted around a 400km loop from Vancouver to Hope and back, taking the longest routes possible. For February the weather was downright creepy as I don't remember so many days of sun and warmth this early in the year. As the mountain air was still cold the skies has that clarity that only the winter provides and in this shot we are treated with a view of Mt Baker in Washington State. Stunning.

BMW R1200R
Chilliwack BC Canada
Canon EOS 5D + 20mm @ ƒ/11

I'm not sure if the wide crop is maybe better.


Sojourner rides said...

Wishing I had your weather luck. Must feel great to be out there so early. We remain in the midst of much snow--the cold, I can deal with. My last ride was late December. I ready for a change!

When I upgraded from my Suzuki SV650, the R1200R was my first choice. I selected the F800ST instead--fits better.

BTW, congrats on the hockey gold.

Sojourner rides said...

Oh I forgot, I actually like both versions for different aesthetic reasons. The wide crop shows some nice details of both bike and scenery. The smaller one has nicer lines that aims the eyes toward the scenery but details are not as prominent. Still, it's nice as well.

LumpyCam said...

@Sojourner It's been great weather recently, but it isn't always like this. Most years are a grey rainy haze from November to March without much sun. Drives a lot of people crazy. Not like a good prairie winter where its cold, but clear and brilliant (on a good day).

The F800ST is a great bike! I used to have an F650CS and the 800ST looks like it has all the good of that bike and fixed all the bad. The 800ST is one of my favourite models from the recent BMWs.

Thanks for the hockey thanks. It meant a lot to Canada to get the win. Really, both teams played so well it could have gone either way. This one was a coin toss, but i'm glad we got the win just to experience the parties in Vancouver after. Here's two scenes: