February 15, 2010

Pack animal

Riding daily means sometimes packing heavy. I've become (i think) rather inventive with the straps and techniques for carrying odd objects. While my attention is usually focused on whether a load is about to fly off the bike or not, sometimes the mind wanders to what other drivers think. "Is that a duvet on the back of that bike?" Or, "how many flats of beer are stacked on there?" Packing for an adventure tour is systematic and purposeful. Packing for the daily ride is chaotic and essential.

Canon IXY 910 @ ƒ/2.8
Parkade somewhere


Jeremy Blanchard said...

do you own a car of some sort?

LumpyCam said...

Fur sure, but often things pop up during the course of a day unexpectedly and need to be escorted home. The last thing i had to get the car for was when i bought a bulk laundry detergent and didn't have my Rok straps.

But i don't remember the detergent, and i do remember the rides. This is why the bike wins out for the daily commute.