August 20, 2010

The adventure begins

After a flurry of Google mapping (wasting all the rest of my time on work and packing) i think I've come up with the tentative route for my next trip:

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I'm now dipping much further south, trying to make it as far as Bryce Canyon. Thank you to those that left comments on my previous post and lent advice in other ways. This will be a better trip because of it and you have my sincere appreciation.

Now off to start the journey. Leaving in seven hours. There will be no updates from the road. See you in 11 days.


Friarjohn said...

If you want to avoid a bit of interstate between Missoula and Helena, get off at Bonner and take Highway 200 east to 141 then south to Avon. And the Avon Cafe, just east of Avon on Highway 12, has excellent grub.

LumpyCam said...

@Friarjohn - point taken, thanks! The map is a general guide to the final destinations for the days, at least in mileage. I'll be sure to check out the Avon Cafe while i'm through.

SonjaM said...

Have a save trip and many smiles per mile. Expect some exceptionally great pics from the road. Cheers, SonjaM

LumpyCam said...

@Friarjohn - I ate at the Avon Cafe! Thanks for the tip.

LumpyCam said...

Update: Right on schedule and in Rock Springs tonight. Tomorrow is desert roads to Moab. Looking forward to it!

Erik said...

Hey Dan - good meeting you in Yellowstone and Moab. I got back safe today after having to hunker down for a fierce dust/wind storm in Baker City Oregon last night. Hope you made it to Bryce Canyon, it was worth the side trip and I'm glad I swung through. Drop me a line when you get back!

-Erik from Washington State

LumpyCam said...

@Erik - Good to hear you're back home with man and machine intact. I didn't make it to Bryce Canyon but did do the loop through Glen Canyon which was spectacular. As it was I pulled 1,700mi in 3 days so not sure I could have done any more. And in the 37°c heat in the canyons I'm not sure i could have taken it! Looking forward to your stories and pics of what I missed.

Kyle said...

I now live in Creston (near 'B')

Could've at least bought you a coffee!

aka: Caol on

LumpyCam said...

@Kyle - Bummer, that would have been great!