April 19, 2011


What are the chances - I ran into another black BMW R1200R! Filling up with fuel the twin actually recognized my bike from the blog (shout-out Zedman!) which was fun. With Ewan selling all these BMW GSes and mileage warriors going for the RT the lowly R with its naked fairing and raw good looks doesn't get much love. Always fun to see another on the road! Could be another 3-4 months before the next R sighting.

daily rider
Panasonic GF1 @ ƒ2.8
Hope, BC. May '10


Trobairitz said...

Great picture. Awesome that you chanced upon a twin.

Zedman said...

I remember that day well. In fact it was May 22, and I was on my way up to Armstrong, and I believe you were on your Lillooet Loop run.
I encountered mixed rain and snow just south of Kamloops that day. On the return trip, over the Okanagan Connector, I ran into some nasty snow at the summit.
But it was a great ride.
Hope to run into you and your 'twin' somewhere along the road this year!
I actually ran into another black R1200R at Departure Bay on July 3 of last year, so there's hope of seeing another 'brother' during our travels!
Ride safe!

Zedman said...

I rode out to Hope today, for lunch, and to exercise the R1200R. Didn't see you at the Chevron station!