February 3, 2013

Rest stop

Taking in a mountain lake with a bit of lunch warmed on the camp stove.

Lillooet Loop - May 22, 2010
Panasonic GF1 @ ƒ3.5


Unknown said...

Great to see you posting again :-)

I still miss my R1200R; it was wonderful. But after the horrible experience I've had with my K1200GT - it turned out to be a real lemon - I don't think I'll be buying another BMW.

I parked the K-bike for the last time recently when its registration expired. It simply isn't worth the hassle and expense.

Thinking about replacing it with a CBR1100 Blackbird, or maybe a Hayabusa.

averykeith14 said...

That was a great place to stop and get some rest. I love going into a place like in the picture and make some beautiful rides.

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