November 3, 2015

Pedal Power

The Daily Rider was a site I set up to record the experience of riding a bike through photos and words. The focus has always been on the magic of small daily moments and documenting as many of them as possible. I guess what I'm more interested in is a life full of magical moments rather than promises to wait for something grander around the next corner. What's here? What's now? What's unique to this step in the grand adventure?

The blog was an excuse to push aside daily hustle just long enough to snap a pic and think of a few words for what it meant at a time and place. Bikes have been the greatest influence on my own adventures and were a perfect way to frame those experiences. And they are really good at pulling you into new adventures too. Since 2008 motorbikes were the feature transport.

After a blogging hiatus (years??) I'm headed off on a new adventure. I think i'll blog about it. The subject will be completely different from posts past - I considered starting a new site but the essence of the subjects is the same, and the title still fits. This might be the point where anyone following the motorbike photos unfollows my posts and audiences diverge completely. Or not? It's all good as we make our own adventures.

Uplands Jump, Victoria, BC, Canada, 1991
the author, 'Uplands Jump', Victoria, BC, Canada
Bridgestone MB-1

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