December 9, 2008

Evening Commute

Evening Commute
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"I've followed your blog" says KDMurray as we walk for beers (me/rider a coke).

"Oh? I haven't updated it in a while. Nothing much blog worthy going on. Just the daily daily. "

"Sometimes it doesn't take much" I'm told in reply.

We digressed into a talk about blogging, Twitter, and all the other demands on our attention these days, and how there's a marked decline in content standards.

In my head i started thinking of how much i enjoy the daily grind. At least, i look forward to all the opportunities we are presented with on a daily basis to make the most of the time we have. I'm not sure how to phrase it in a way that isn't hokey... Iggy's lust for life anthems with earthy eloquence.

This dovetails into another talk i had today with my RMT (dude who wrestles my back into a relaxed state). "That jacket looks like you ride." "yeah." "Cold in the winter?" "Yeah. And I love it."

Make every day blog worthy, whether you actually get to the blogging of it or not. Don't do evil. Hold a door for a stranger. Share some wealth. And use the daily ride to let life wash over you with all the beauty and violence it has on offer. Leave it to your co-workers to bitch about the bus, cry about uneven air conditioning, and moan about the misery of their commute.

You've just lived life, twice.

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