July 30, 2009

Hot Wheels

Not exceptional for many parts of the world, but here in temperate Vancouver anything over 35℃ (95℉) is a killer heat wave. Tires sure grip well and it doesn't take long to get the boxer engine warmed up in the morning, but the heat is really messing with even the best ATGATT* intentions. I haven't see a biker in anything other than a t-shit for weeks. The BMW Ralley Pro jacket's ventilation has been surprisingly effective for reflecting the sun and moving air through. I've also had a few close calls of the bike dumping over fromt the kickstand sinking into the asphault, even just for a minute before i get it on the centre stand.

It's still a beautiful time to be out riding though.

*All The Gear All The Time is a popular refrain to rally riders into wearing a complete set of safety gear no matter the conditions or how short the ride.

Hot wheels

BMW R1200R in The Great Heat Wave of 2009, Vancouver, BC, Canada.

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