August 3, 2009


Taking in the view somewhere around Orondo, Washington State, USA. A warm stop with a hot view.


I like the cloud's shadows in this one.



indigoid said...

great bike and great views :-) looks plenty better without those panniers, though.

My K1200GT has the same bags. I wish they had designed them to be a bit less curvy. My MacBook Air in leather folio barely fits. Significantly less practical than the big boxy aluminium cases on my F650GS, even though the internal volume is probably about the same

OTOH I absolutely detest hard topcases and will never own one, so being able to stuff a full-face helmet (XXL Shoei for me) in a pannier is convenient

Websterize said...


Yoshi. said...

Hi! I've bookmarked your site recently. I love your pictures. Beautiful.

May I ask what camera you use ?

Thank you !!

LumpyCam said...

@indigoid Agh, the bags aren't that bad! But i know what you mean, when you have a laptop or something square they do suffer. I was happy to take a 4 day trip with only the saddle bags though, no duffle or top case required.

@Websterize thanks!

@Yoshi. ありがとございます。How did you stumble across this site? Glad you're enjoying it. I wish i was using my Canon 5D all the time, but most of the photos on this site are with a Canon IXY 910 IS point and shoot. In fact, i think the last post with the 5D was Free ferries. So, never let a crappy camera hold you back - point and shoot and something is bound to work out!