September 14, 2009

Next turn?

Today Daily Rider turns 100. Pictures, that is.

Enjoy these photos? Leave a comment and let me know where we should go for the next 100.

I started Daily Rider as a way to record the photos I was taking during my daily commute by motorcycle. It seemed a natural fit as I enjoy both. I've been pretty happy with the shots I've captured over the past year, but there's always a new challenge on the horizon. I have some ideas about how things could change:

* describe the technical features and specifications of the photos
* literal descriptions of where the photos were taken
* commentary about the photos and what they symbolize for the riding experience
* fewer bike shots and more road/scenery? More bike shots?
* Standardize around a theme?

With RSS this site has a pretty anonymous readership. I'd love to hear from anyone that has ideas for the next series!


Where next?
Where to? Canon 5D + 50mm @ ƒ5


Angie said...

I like the photos...maybe bit more commentary and what they symbolize, but keep going!

Richard said...

I like the mixture - bike photos sometimes, scenery photos another time, and then the inevitable "bike in the scenery" photos... so don't drop any of them.

As for more detail, sure that would be nice sometimes, but mostly I just like the photos.

I especially like the "theme" approach - typically when you go on a longer ride, but there could be "parts of the bike" themes, repairs/maintenance themes, things you see on the side of the road themes...

Keep going, indeed!

indigoid said...

Definitely keep posting pics of that beautiful, beautiful bike.

I've also enjoyed the night shots -- something I've never been very good at (lack of spot metering probably doesn't help), but you seem to have down pat.

It reminds me that the wait will be worth it -- when Anna finds a job here in Sydney and we move up here permanently, I will be trading the K1200GT for another R1200R. Hopefully another one that is black with pinstripes :-)

Websterize said...

Congratulations on a prolific year for Daily Rider. Look forward to the goodness that, hopefully, will be the BMW R1200R + Olympus EP-1.

DoubleOhTwo said...

Dan, I follow HEAPS of moto blogs, and yours is one of my favourites. Because it's a Beemer, a 1200R, and because you're a very talented photographer. If possible, I'd just love to see more shots of the bike in some beautiful locations, whether they be wild landscapes or urban environments! Living in Sydney, your blog opens my eyes to your part of the world. Cheers, 02

Mojgan Fay said...

Given my lack of knolwedge in bikes, I really enjoy the Daily Rider because of the pictures and the stories that go with the rides.

I would love more commentary too.

Maybe one day I'll drop the big earring and hair accessories and start riding too...

LumpyCam said...

Thanks, everyone!

An interesting trend in the feedback (I received e.mails too) was that people like the night/dark shots. I was a bit surprised to hear this and expected "more vista sunsets". My photography has always trended to contrasty dark stuff and i'm usually trying to push myself away from it. I'll keep it in rotation.

I'll also work in some more commentary. It adds time to the posts so it might not be every shot, but when there's something to say I'll make sure to capture it.

I might play with some themes to do a deeper dive into certain aspects of the road and bike. I have a garage now and have thought of setting up a temporary studio there. But, I don't want to focus too much on the bike as Daily Rider is really about sharing the experience of the road. It's not me on the bike, it's you.

LumpyCam said...

@DoubleOhTwo Thanks for the kind words. BTW -- everyone -- check out DoubleOhTwo for a regular diet of terrific bike pics and culture. A favourite of my RSS feed.

@Websterize Not sure about the EP-1. I've been a little disappointed with the image quality i've seen in flickr and reviews. Looks like several manufacturers are finally going to take the small format seriously and we'll have lots of options by Christmas. I'm going to lug around the 5D more meanwhile.

@Mojgan if you can source a helmet your chariot awaits (with driver)!

@indigoid Since i take most of the photos during my commute and it gets dark at 5pm in the winter (just starting up here) most of the pictures will be night shots soon! It's reassuring to hear that you'll trade back for a R1200R, but that K1200GT sure sounds sweet!

@Richard I'll invent a theme. Maybe, 'island commutes'?

@Angie Thanks, i shall keep going.