September 16, 2009

Ships Ahoy

Vancouver harbour is commonly filled with freighters waiting to go into port. Here's one at twilight. The sun was dropping so fast that each successive shot's light fell by almost a stop.

Ships Ahoy
Canon 5D + 50mm @ƒ5.6


indigoid said...

The little reflections on the tank/screen are really win. Well done!

Have you framed+hung prints of some of these in your house? They're worth it

LumpyCam said...

I haven't tried printing yet. To be honest that is where i draw the line for time management. I've got a good process for taking the pics and getting them posted efficiently, but i know if i start doing prints it will just take too much time. I think i'll keep up with the posts for the fall and maybe in the new year ('10) try some printing. There's also the cost because of course I'll want to buy whatever the latest large-format fibre-paper wonder machine is. I'm an old skool darkroom guy so once i get into the prints I'm afraid I'll never come back - he he.

Also, a lot of the images are with a crap IXY camera and I'm not sure how well they'll hold up over the 500px on this site. Here's a full resolution and another with the IXY. The 5D shots should definitely print well. I guess I'll just have to try it.