October 26, 2009


I didn't take a lens hood (thingy to block the sun from shining straight into a lens and making it flare) this morning since the weather was so poor and rainy when i jumped on the bike. "Won't need that!" Once on the road, and heading a little further south away from the mountains, the sky opened up to a beautiful fall day. Spring has urgency as everything is busy growing and flowing. Great fall days seem to drift along as nothing really wants to see them end.

Canon 5D + 20mm @ ƒ/4.5


HBurgNinja said...

Enjoying your return to blogging. You inspired me to start my own similarly themed blog but I also include the lat/long with the posts.

Keep up the great work!

indigoid said...

Lovely pic, as always. If you ever feel inclined to do a run of books (as can be easily arranged through Flickr partners nowadays) I'd definitely buy one.

Do you find the BMW clutch levers stiff? I've started experiencing wrist problems. Not fun.

LumpyCam said...

@HBurgNinja Great start to your site, and thanks for sharing the link. A great thing about motorcyle photography is not only do you get to see great rides, but a window to other parts of the world.

@indigoid Thanks! I am looking at book options now. My biggest concern is print quality as I've had spotty results with some services. I'd like to find one that specializes in photo books, not just books that can have full bleed photos.

I've always found BMW clutch levers to be quite supple. I do get sore hands in the cold winters but i think it is more from the temperature and constant small movements with the controls. You might need to remove the lever and make sure it's moving freely to isolate the problem.