November 3, 2009

Familiar Places

There's something to be said for familiar workplaces. Like a desk, a toolbench, or a cockpit. These places slide into the background of thought so the challenges at hand may consume all due effort. Walking up to the bike this morning I crossed a line. After 19,000kms travelled this bike now feels familiar. I know the controls, the weights, the distances. Limbs fall to the bends of the machine. I know what the bike will accept and what will be rejected. I don't think about riding it, I think about the adventures ahead.

familiar places
Canon IXY 910 @ ƒ/2.8


bobskoot said...


congrats on the 19,000. kms and your bike still looks as new. My new Wee already has "battle scars" from my recent mishap.
I also have a maxi-scoot which I rode to Oregon and Kelowna last year. Any my wife has a Vino just sitting there. Perhaps I should insure it just to ride around town as it's easier to slip into a bike rack, being so small.
Were you at the Vancouver scooter rally last September ? Perhaps I could have bumped into you there

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

Websterize said...

Well put.

indigoid said...

So... You're not worrying about scraping the jugs in corners anymore? :-) The big pig will be near 32kkm by the end of November. I certainly understand what you're saying here. I think of it as the office now. I've got used to the annoying power delivery at low speed, nowhere near as smooth s the boxer.

Your bike still looks fabulous. Yum

LumpyCam said...

@bobskoot I haven't made it to any scooter rallies, and I'm probably not likely too. The bike keeps be busy and i've yet been tempted to stray. While 1170cc is overkill on the daily commute most of the time, sometimes overkill is a comforting thing. And fun.

@Websterize Thanks!

@indigoid You're hilarious with that GT, it is such a love/hate! For the record, i think it is a sweet looking machine and while i've not ridden one, sitting on it at a bike show was enlightening - who knew a bike could be so comfortable! I've never been afraid to scrape the jugs, it's the leaning I'm afraid of (tee-hee).

SonjaM said...

Simply gorgeous your pics. Very inspiring, too. Had to add you on my blog roll. Thanks so much for sharing. Greetings from a German Expat living in Calgary, AB.

LumpyCam said...

@SonjaM Thank you so much for the kind words! And you've got some great riding tales on your site, welcome back to two wheels.