December 1, 2009

We own this town (and maybe no one else wants it)

An early morning scouting or late night retreat? I don't know, they all roll together these days.

daily rider
w 8th Ave @ Hemlock St., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canon IXT 910 @ ƒ/2.8


Websterize said...

I'm gonna guess morning. Love that blue reflection on the bars.

LumpyCam said...

Morning it is!

I never really noticed that blue on the bars before. A cool accident!

OGB said...

Dan, love your blog, truly superb photos. I recognise a few of the places as my daughter lives in Vancouver (she works for the Uni of BC, so I recognise the shot of your bike near Jericho). My wife and I took a visit over there in 2008 from the UK and did a couple of road trips by hire car. In summer 2010 my son and me are heading over there & hiring a couple of bikes from Vancouver (Cycle BC rentals on East 6th) and taking off on an 8 day trip which will take us as far as Jasper and Banff. Having been a biker for many years we've done a few tours - inc Europe - some shots of which can be found here:
Keep up the good work on the blog, I'll check it out frequently.

Wes said...

i just found your blog from and i'm so glad! this is because:
1. i have an r12r and LOVE it.
2. i'm from vancouver but now live in california and miss it a lot.
3. i shoot photos (used to for a job) and your shots are very interesting and colourful
4. i have a pair of 2CTs mounted right now and love their turn-in (and tread pattern) - so you don't have to judge me!

keep up the great stuff.

LumpyCam said...

@OGB - thanks for the kind remarks and your upcoming trip sounds fantastic. I haven't done the route between Jasper and Banff before but all accounts are it is truly spectacular. I look forward to seeing pics on your site.

@Wes - (1) the R12R will put a smile on your face every day! (2) In these winter months i miss my time riding in California so enjoy it while you can. My ride through northern CA last year was one of the best ever (and no traffic in March) (3) Thanks! (4) okay, you're good in my books with the 2CTs :)