February 8, 2010

Broken promises

It was supposed to be sunny. Okay, maybe not sunny, but at least no rain. This is what the weather website promised. But February being the soggy sod it is i was really wishing i had the rain pants on. Fortunately they were in the tail bag for the ride home. My trip was over to Victoria for a quick day trip. I always enjoy taking the ferries. I think it's one of the most beautiful 1.5hrs a person can have. It's also some forced quiet time to read or get some work done. And there's the fun ride to and from the ferry. As bonus the bikes get to shoot ahead of all the cars when loading, and get off first at the destination. It was pretty wet though.

broken promise
Canon EOS 5D @ ƒ5
BC Ferries, Vancouver, Canada


indigoid said...

As I was paying for the new tyres on the Big Pig last week it started to rain. This has happened every time I have ever got new tyres on any of my bikes. Good for throttle and brake skills!

I saw a nice forum sig once:

[i]If you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride.[/i]

Words to live by...

LumpyCam said...

When i hear about people that don't ride in the rain I always do a double-take like i've witnessed a parallel universe opposite to my own.

Chuck Pefley said...

Yeah, gotta love the "front of the line" bit when getting to the ferry dock.

When Bobskoot and I rode to Vancouver Island last September the weather gods decided rain was in order for us, too. Perhaps it has something to do with 2-wheeled envy? We got pretty wet on the Port Renfrew loop! Rain is just part of the package -:)

Jeremy Blanchard said...

you may have covered this at some point in your blog, but what do you wear in the rain?
I am looking into getting something for myself.

Ps. please feel free to point me to a previous blog post if there is one.

indigoid said...

BMW ProRain 2 for winter rain, a one-piece PVC oversuit. Really keeps the wind out. In summer rain, just the Gore Tex jacket/trouser liners.

BMW sometime last year introduced a 1-piece oversuit with Gore Tex lining and CE armour --- very much like an armoured, waterproof copy of the Aerostich Roadcrafter. I think I'll get one for this approaching winter.

LumpyCam said...

@Jeremy Blanchard I've actually been writing the review in my head for a few weeks for the jacket, as it know how annoying it is to try find something that works. Blog reviews helped me decide. But until I do that:

Boots: Puma Desmo GTX (GoreTex)
Why: most comfortable to walk in
Review: 100% waterproof, warm in winter, and only hot above 30c
What i wished fit: Sidi Vertigo Goretext

Jacket: BMW Rallye Pro II
Why: most comfortable of everything I tried on + good armour
Review: 100% waterproof, comfortable, well-protected, great ventilation in the summer and warm in the winter. About $200 overpriced.
What I wished fit: Olympia AST or anything cheaper but they all felt like marshmallows.

Pants: cheap rubber job from local hiking shoppe
Why: i didnt' want to buy a second set of pants just for rain since my BMW City pants fit so well and have have great armour built in. Makes packing for a tour easier. Pants also tend to take a lot of punishment too so i wanted to be able to replace them. Finally, rubber is just so damned good at keeping out water and i don't sweat as long as the top half can breath (which that jacket does so well).
What I wished fit: I bought them extra long so they cover the ankles when riding. don't buy your pants too short!!

LumpyCam said...

@indigoid Last spring I did a too-early day trip from Vancouver to Princeton, what you could call a 'mountain town'. It was freezing cold and raining. There was this old dude on a BMW RT we ran into at a gas station and he had this big one-piece orange suit on. My buddy, riding a Triumph and skeptical of BMW ways cocked his head and ephemerally exhaled, "that man looks mighty comfortable."

SInce that day a piece of me has coveted the one-piece.

Jeremy Blanchard said...

thanks for the gear low down. I have heard only good things about BMW apparel but haven't wanted to fork over the money.
Thanks again and happy riding.

LumpyCam said...

@ Jeremy You ARE paying too much for BMW gear, but it also works damn well in my experience. The little touches are nice. For example, the real and supple collar leather on the jacket, or how the back CE armour comes all the way around the kidneys. These are corners that other brands would be cutting.

That said, I had a guy corner me at the recent MC show and want to talk about how much he hated the Rallye Pro jacket i was wearing. "it leaks! It's cold!" bla bla so it isn't universal acclaim.

I want to try Rev'it gear next. Maybe give them a look too. Web Bike World has good reviews of gear.