February 5, 2010

First spring wash

It's February fifth, but it felt like spring as the bulbs have started to flower in the garden and anything more than a t-shirt feels too warm when you're moving. Who would have guessed it was the winter Olympics that are only a week away. But the weather has been crummy and the bike was covered in a silty dirt that gave it an agonizing sandpaper-crunch whenever you touched it. That can't be good for the paint. It also had black wheels, which is odd because they were born as clear coat aluminum. Harley-Davidson guys + girls are famous for their meticulous washings. BMW guys + girls are infamous for logging mega miles on dirty steeds. Today kind of felt like a betrayal as i polished her up when i know there's a lot more rain and mud to come. But it was a fun excuse to enjoy the spring flowers.

Canon IXY 910
BMW R1200R
Vancouver, BC, Canada


DoubleOhTwo said...

Loving the blue pipes.

LumpyCam said...


I'm not one for fancy bling on a bike, but I do think stainless or chrome headers are the way to go. Whenever i see a BMW boxer with the steel headers--all potato brown--it just spoils the otherwise polished finish of the aluminum block and magnesium head covers.

LumpyCam said...

That is, unless you wrap them!

Chuck Pefley said...

Well, now that you've finished yours perhaps you can come do two of mine? Please? I thought about it, but resisted the mild urge. Looking good!