March 9, 2010

I went for an amazing ride and all I got was this lousy picture

I retraced the Fields of Baker loop last weekend, this time in reverse direction. Here's the exact route (350km). It was a spectacular day and I got my first taste of spring insects too as I raced through the Chilliwack valley farms. The visor was a grim field of buggy carnage. Somehow I never managed to stop at the good photo scenes I passed and this was all i got. It was a nice piece of shade to rest at after 200km and watch the planes take off from the regional airport. A fun juxtaposition before narrowing to the valley straights again.

BMW R1200R
Canon EOS 5D
Chilliwack, BC, Canada


bluekat said...

Sometimes the riding is just too nice to interrupt it for a photo. I'm glad you got a nice ride even with the bugs.

LumpyCam said...

@bluekat - I actually find it hard to take pictures when out for a 'ride'. While the scenery is nice to experience, there aren't too many views that interest me photographically. The commute is my muse.