April 20, 2010

Nootka Air

It's the Nootka Air station and this is the end of the road for those traveling to Gold River, BC. It was our chosen destination because it was the furthest place we could find that wouldn't have snow. We couldn't cross the border into the U.S. for various reasons so had to find an nice adventurous destination a little closer to home. Vancouver, being nestled in the mountains, can be hard to escape on a bike in the early spring. Many mountain passes. Gold River was a safe bet, and would give us an excuse to ride the Sunshine Coast, up to Powell River, and over to Vancouver Island. We didn't even mind the 4 hour ferry wait at Earls Cove. The locals were generous with the beer.

Here's the route: http://bit.ly/bb8SLj

BMW R1200R
Canon EOS 5D
Gold River, BC, Canada

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bobskoot said...


We passed through Gold River last year on our way to Tahsis, but didn't drive south to the Government wharf, where I presume where you were. Nice highway. There is quite the character at the mall, in the capuccino place. The owner is the unofficial mayor of Gold River and he knows everything. It's always nice to get away for a few days

Wet Coast Scootin