April 15, 2010

A. Vespa

Personalization is a popular motivation for bike riders of all stripes. Pedal or powered, everyone loves to have something streaming off the bars or tricked with the wheels. Bikes invite it. Cars are expensive or far more time consuming and the stakes are high if you mess up. So we all settle for fuzzy dice, or an exhaust tip if you are 16. But bikes... I remember once stripping a bike down one night and taking a can of rust paint to it. It was dry by morning (thanks, heater) and reassembled by the time the rains set in and the mud was thick (I'm making this part up, but in memory my entire youth was one long wheelie through a mud puddle). It was unrecognizable and unmistakable at the same time. It had my signature on it; this is just an initial.

A. Vespa
Canon IXY 910 IS
Vespa LX50


bobskoot said...


I thought you sold the Vespa ? I think I also need more decal decorations

welcome back

Wet Coast Scootin

david.ridgeway said...
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LumpyCam said...

Sold the Vespa? No way! It's a fun ride, and I think I'd be risking limb to take it away from its own daily rider.