April 28, 2010

Signs of summer

A blazing sky was a sign of another hot summer to come. After a mild and dry winter this could turn into a scorcher. One of the predicaments of summer heat is the temptation to ride with an open jacket and helmet visor, but the reality that the air is now full of bugs and insects. I tend to ride with an open viser through the winter 'cause i just love the fresh air, but after several tasteless encounters with bees, dragonflies, wasps, and flies I close up when the flowers are opening. Last season I also had a wasp fly into my stylishly open jacket and start stinging me as i cruised down the highway. Not fun. Or maybe i should go had core with a skull-cap and t-shirt like the Harley guys so the bugs just bounce off. Options to consider while we still surely have more rainy days to come.

Canon IXY 910
Vancouver, Canada

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