April 29, 2010

Two of a kind

Even when you ride together on a motorcycles you are riding alone. Once more than two meters separates comrades the wind takes over and it becomes a solitary experience. The faster you go the more the world collapses in around you, vision narrowing. Every experience amplified by the extremes directed at every sense. Hearing also becomes more selective, although i suspect this is less evolutionary superpower and more how bloody loud it gets inside a helmet. But it's your noise. Then you stop, and park, and pull off that helmet and look at each other with wide eyes and lips already telling stories. The Bikes wait patiently.

Powell River, BC, Canada
Triumph Bonneville & BMW R1200R
Canon IXY 910

1 comment:

Michael Brashier said...

Nice bikes. I have the same r1200r but silver.