June 1, 2010


Caught in some depressing traffic my eyes gaze down, desparate for a distraction, only to realize what a brilliant sky loomed above. I was startled because with all the buildings and trees and 'paying attention to the road' nonsense I'd completely missed the spectacle overhead. It was that unique spring gift where the rainclouds are dominant but warm weather (and cloudy humidity) fight to break through. It was fun to watch the blending clounds bend around the curves of the tank. I started getting a bit homesick for the prairies and big sky country. Straight roads ruled by an autocratic sun. The surprises and certainty dealt out by an ocean of land. I've just convinced myself -- the next big roadtrip might have just been decided. It's amazing the plans that are conjured up from the most innocent events - such as gazing down at your gas tank in traffic.

Panasonic GF1 @ ƒ5


Websterize said...

Great shot! Have you removed the R1200R decals yet?

LumpyCam said...

I'm trying to find the site that sold reproduction decal kits so i can restore the bike if necessary. Once i find that online, they're coming off!