June 2, 2010

At cold feet

One of the great things about riding in British Columbia is you're never far away from mountains. If there isn't an ocean over your shoulder then you can be pretty sure you'll see a mountain's shadow. On a bike this makes for great roads with spirited ascents, spectacular views, and chasing raging rivers down down down to a coastline. Another by-product of mountain life is tempermental weather systems. What was sun a minute ago can quickly turn into a foggy snowstorm, especially when you're riding in May.

At cold feet
Panasonic GF1 @ ƒ6.3
Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, BC, Canada


SonjaM said...

I am glad that you are posting more regular now, I always enjoy your photography, it is very inspiring. Thank you!

Michael Zelt said...

Great shot, and I am also glad to see you back to more regular posts.
Looks like you had some weather to deal with on your 'Lillooet Loop' ride.