February 25, 2011


This is the west coast... and it's the end of February... it's supposed to be warmer than this! Hopefully the spring flowers aren't killed off. Update: the Rev 'it Alaska gloves are finally meeting their match for keeping the hands warm; numb fingers result.


SonjaM said...

We had -6.5C this morning in Coquitlam. I don't need this.

Unknown said...


If the Rev'it gloves aren't good enough, give the BMW ProWinter2 gloves a try. I upgraded last year from the faithful old ProWinter gloves that were already pretty good, and the new ones are even better. In particular they have a longer cuff and a better material on the palm

LumpyCam said...

@SonjaM Brr!! I think the coldest i've seen in my riding this year is -4℃. I agree it's enough already! And today, March 4th, there's a skiff of frost on the ground :( I have a bit of a break in two weeks and was going to try get away for an overnight ride somewhere (maybe olympic peninsula) but probably won't if i need to install skates on the bike.

@indigoid I've heard good things about those BMW gloves. I just got the Rev'its so i don't think i'll be changing but good to have backup plan! So far the Alaska gloves have been awesome–super comfortable and dry–and only start to get cold around zero, which i guess is a lot to ask from any glove. With the heated grips things are okay.