April 4, 2011

And the rumble is?

Akrapovic Exhaust Install, originally uploaded by Zutter Bug.

I decided on a new can for the R1200R a few weeks ago and the shiny new Akrapovic is in, installed, and after my weekend of riding the Olympic Peninsula (very top-left corner of the U.S.) no longer shiny or new looking.


Stacy said...

Very nice.

Unknown said...


Your wheels look too clean

Riding the Wet Coast

BeemerGirl said...

And how do you like it? Been thinking of losing the stock can on mine in favor of one of these. Show off the floating wheel just a little more. :)


LumpyCam said...

@Stacy - Thanks!

@bobskoot - I had washed the bike before doing the install. Fear not as they were quickly dirty again with all the Vancouver rain!

@BeemerGirl - Love it. The quality of the Akrapovic is fantastic. Sound is also perfect as it's about the same volume but much more pleasant sound with the baffles in. Remove the baffles and you have a wild beast on you hands. Run it half-and-half. It's your pic. I will say that the YouTube vids don't do these things justice as the tone is way too low for any consumer cameras to pick up.

Here's a before

And here's an after

I dont' have one with the baffles out yet.