April 4, 2011

Break in the clouds

Stopping to admire the light as I search for a campground. Two riders on the Port Townsend ferry had recommended I try Kalaloch (map) and so I was.


Chessie (Chesshirecat) said...

stroke of genius with that shot. Powerful and beautiful.

Unknown said...


My favourite spot on the Olympic Peninsula is Rialto Beach, just west of Forks, towards La Push. We have stayed in Clallam Bay (Hwy 112), just 10 miles short of Neah Bay.

Riding the Wet Coast

Websterize said...

Dan, I'm gonna guess you shot this with the 5D? Beauty.

Fuzzygalore said...

Wow, beautiful shot!

LumpyCam said...

@chessie - thanks!

@bob - I shall take you up on this tip! I'm definitely heading back to the Olympic Peninsula this year. I don't think i'll get away for any week-long journeys this year so weekend getaways will have to be accommodated. The Olympics are a night jump from Vancouver.

@bill - actually, it was the GF1! I agree this shot looks pretty good but I had to do a lot of post-production to get it there. The biggest adjustment was a series of polarizing filters in Aperture. With the 5D I almost never make any adjustments, it only ends up looking worse :) I was trying to decide between a 35mm ƒ1.4 lens, a 5d mkII body, or the Akrapovic recently and went for the Akrapovic (cheapest option too) and give the GF1 another shot to see if i can get it to where i'm happy with the results. I might try the 20mm ƒ1.7 and if that doesn't work get some adaptors for other lenses. I'm really trying not to spend $2,000 on a lens at this point but if i can't get a good kit built around the GF1 by the end of the year I'll resign myself to the big-ass 5D kit and 2 grand glass.

@Fuzzy - thank you - you've a great blog too!

Yoshi. said...

Beautiful picture!!

I almost set this to my wall paper!


LumpyCam said...

Thanks, @Yoshi.!!