September 2, 2011

Mr. Baker

Where do you find snow in August on the west coast? On Mount Baker! I was on the way into Washington State for some non-moto activities when, looking at the map, I thought I would be able to make the slight (250km) detour and make a run up the mountain before my afternoon events. Up early and headed over to an easterly border crossing I was suddenly met by a very confused border guard that didn't understand why someone from Vancouver was taking such an out of the way crossing. Logically, I was doing myself a disfavour. He seemed sure i was working in the US and trying to game the system by taking the smaller crossing. My argument seemed to hold just enough water to get me through. "Right, you're taking the long way there..." Car people never seem to understand the joys of long hours on the road.

Mr Baker
Panasonic Lumix GF1 @ ƒ7.1

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I was recently told that there is still 50 ft of snow up at Artist's Pointe and that they were not going to clear or open it this year due to costs. It will probably start snowing again in about a month

Some people just don't understand that it is the road we want to experience, not the destination.

Riding the Wet Coast